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Perforce the Powerful

less than 1 minute read

What is Perforce? Perforce is a centralized verson control system (i.e. there is only one central location of the project - depot).

2 Ways to Host Unity WebGL Builds Locally

less than 1 minute read

Introduction Working with WebGL can be tricky and a simple thing that’s overlooked is hosting a WebGL app locally for debugging. I’ll share 2 easy ways to ho...

Tracking Multiple Images - AR Foundation

1 minute read

Background Augmented Reality is a technology that has really taken the world by storm. I was fortunate enough to have worked on some AR apps early in my car...

9 Years - My Proposal Game

2 minute read

Background In August 2017, I had been dating my girlfriend for over 9 years (indeed, we were dating since high school). I was ready to ask the big question, ...

Multiple Web Apps on One Server

4 minute read

Background I wanted to move away from my previous web hosting company and wanted to try hosting my websites and web apps using a Digitial Ocean droplet inste...